Hellzel's Mind is a project from NUTSO STUDIO of an animated series for the Metaverse and an NFT collection of 6.666 pieces.




"Step into the shadows, heed the call, Where warning echoes, monsters enthrall."

"[...] Its presence lurks, a creature grim, In twisted halls, where hope grows dim. Mental hospital, a ghostly tomb, Where lost souls whisper in the gloom.

"[...] No mercy shown, no solace found, In the depths where sanity is drowned. The warning stands, a caution clear, Stay far away, embrace your fear..."

"Beware the warning, heed its call, In dark woods, where shadows fall. A monster dwells, a fearsome plight, Within the asylum's haunting night..."


The villagers shudder, filled with dread, For those who enter, all hope is shed. Madness reigns, a chilling air, As the monster prowls with wicked flair..."

"[...] For in the dark woods, the monster waits, Hungry for souls, sealing cruel fates. A haunting tale, forever told, Of the monster and the asylum's hold."